Friday, 14 November 2014

Vivien Kondor London Nail Polishes* - New British Brand!

I have a new British nail polish brand to show you today that has got me very excited (I love trying new brands, especially British ones!). Vivien Kondor London, part of Elegance by London, have a range of 42 nail polishes set to be released very soon and today I have 3 to show you.

L-R: Gold Glitter*, Neon Gold*, Beechwood Red*

Beechwood Red
Words cannot describe how much I love this polish. I was surprised when I first put it on because it has a subtle shimmer to it that you can't see in the bottle - it's really beautiful. The colour is definitely one for autumn and winter, and especially Christmas. I know I'll be wearing this one a lot and I'm looking forward to using it in some Christmas nail art. Look at how glossy it is too!
2 coats, no top coat.

A closer look at the shimmer

Neon Gold
I chose this colour because I'd never heard of or seen a neon gold polish before so I was very interested to try it out. When speaking to the company they said that they felt the polish had been manufactured with more of a metallic finish than a neon. I agree that it has the finish of a metallic polish, but the colour is a very bright gold so I can also see the neon side to it too. I think I'm going more towards metallic though. What do you think? Would you class it as a neon or a metallic?
3 coats, no top coat.

This colour probably won't be everyone's cup of tea but the finish is lovely and I think the colour is very party-appropriate. I can see myself using it in nail art, probably with Beechwood Red actually, I think they will go well together.

Gold Glitter
This is the type of glitter polish I like; it's not gloppy, the glitter is distributed evenly and densely throughout the base, and there's no trying to scoop the glitter pieces out of the bottle! 

I have used one thin coat of Gold Glitter as a glitter top coat over a few different colours. You can see over white that the glitter is in a gold/yellow base, and as the glitter is so dense within the base you could build this up for complete glitter coverage in a few coats.

I like the formulas, all of the polishes applied smoothly and dried to give nice finishes. I found the drying time of Neon Gold to be a bit slow and I did smudge it once or twice. The brush is narrow which allows for a precise application, and with the brush handle being square it is really nice to hold and you have a lot of control when applying the polish.

From what I've tried so far I am really liking Vivien Kondor polishes, especially Beechwood Red I can't recommend it enough. They're affordable at only £3.99 each, yet they look much more expensive, and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the price.

Where to buy them
As I said before Vivien Kondor London polishes will be launching very soon and will be available to buy from their website (the site comes live in two weeks). They will also be available to buy on Amazon within the next few days (just type in 'Vivien Kondor nail polish'). Each bottle will retail at £3.99 for 11.5 mL. 

You can keep up to date with Vivien Kondor on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the latest news on launch dates and new products including gift sets for Christmas.

What do you think of Vivien Kondor London polishes so far then? Let me know! :)

*Sample - provided for swatch and review


  1. Beechwood Red is my absolute favorite one, it is perfect for Christmas! Fantastic swatches and review!

  2. Beechwod red is gorgeous.and I actually like the neon gold colour! Beechwood red is definitely my favourite though xxxx