Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Trip To Dublin For Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I spent five days in Dublin with my boyfriend for a Christmas getaway. Dublin is somewhere I had wanted to visit for a while and we thought it would be a nice break away as we had missed out on a holiday with my family over the summer and we hadn't been away in winter before.

Dublin looking very pretty! The sun came out for us on the last day, it looked grey and miserable the rest of the time!

When we went to Barcelona we planned each day before hand and stuck to a tight schedule to make sure we managed to do/see everything we wanted to, but we didn't do that for Dublin. There are some sights to see in Dublin but there was nothing we were desperate to see, we mainly went for the shopping, Christmas markets, and to explore the city at a relaxed pace. I did really want to visit Dublin Zoo but because I was full of a cold I didn't feel like it at the time. I'm regretting it now though because I do really want to go!

Christian Louboutin Nails stand in Brown Thomas - amazing!

We stayed at the Morrison Hotel and I couldn't have asked for anywhere better. It was nice to have somewhere so comfortable to go back to after being out in the cold all day. The staff were so lovely; I woke up with a horrible cold one morning and one of the waitresses spotted me blowing my nose and brought me over a teapot, sliced lemons, and some honey to make a homemade Lemsip. It was so thoughtful. 

We spotted Chris Moyles at breakfast one morning and my boyfriend is a big fan so he was very excited about that. He didn't go over though, he didn't think it was right to interrupt Chris' breakfast!

I found this beautiful makeup bag at a vintage market. I loved it but I couldn't bring myself to spend €50 on it!

The Christmas markets were a huge let down. When I was looking at booking our trip I read that there would be three different markets, but I was very disappointed to arrive to find only one of them there, and it was rubbish. We did manage to find some nice gift shops though and there were plenty of shops along the main streets so we still got to do the Christmas shopping we had planned to do.


We watched Peter Pan at the Gaiety Theatre which was fantastic. I was sat behind a very tall woman though which was rather inconvenient considering I am quite small! We also went ice skating which we really enjoyed, especially watching possibly the worlds worst ice skater; every time he got back up he would slip over again, taking everyone around him with him! There were a few Torvill and Dean wannabees that really got on my nerves, but maybe I was just jealous because I was too scared to move more than 30 cm away from the wall?!

Ice skating
My fantastic view before the very tall lady arrived!
Cakes from 'Queen of Tarts' - yum!

Overall it was a nice trip, not as good as our trip to Barcelona in July (if you've not been then you definitely need to!) but at least I can say I have been now. Maybe I'll go back in a few years time and go to the zoo and do more sightseeing. Have you been to Dublin and have any recommendations? Let me know!

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