Monday, 29 December 2014

Top 5 Nail Polishes of 2014

As the year is coming to an end I wanted to round up my five favourite nail polishes of 2014. I added so many new polishes to my collection this year but these are the ones that I fell in love with and have worn over and over again! Enjoy!

Barry M - Orchid
AW14 Silk Collection
Such a stunning colour. I don't have any other colour like this in my nail polish collection which makes it very special. The finish is beautiful too!
More pictures & a review

O.P.I - Unfrost My Heart
Gwen Stefani - Holiday 2014 collection
I don't think anyone does silvers quite as well as O.P.I. This is so eye-catching, I love it!
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Models Own - Beach Bag

Polish For Tans Collection, summer 2014
I have never finished a full bottle of nail polish but this one is nearly empty! This was constantly on my fingers and toes over summer and I know it will be next summer too!
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Left - natural matte finish
Right - with a glossy top coat

O.P.I - Love.Angel.Music.Baby
I only have a small bottle of this so I only use it on special occasions! That said I found it quite cheap the other day and have ordered myself a full sized bottle. I never wear gold nail polish but the satin finish of this one makes it glamorous rather than tacky.

Soigné - Chou-fleur Violet

Core collection, summer 2014.
In my review I said that Chou-fleur Violet has 'The-best-nail-polish-formula-I-have-ever-used' and I still stick with what I said. Made up of up to 80% plant-sourced materials, these French polishes have got me very excited! I got one of their collections for Christmas - I can't wait to swatch it!
More pictures & a review

The winner?
Oh this is difficult! They're all favourites for the reasons I have explained throughout the post, but if I had to wear one of these for the rest of my life (that is quite a commitment!) it would be Barry M's Orchid, closely followed by Models Own Beach Bag.

Are any of your favourites here? I'd love to have a nosey at your favourite polishes so if you've got a post then leave it in the comments below!


  1. Great picks! I take my hat off to you hun, I don't think I could whittle it down to even 5! Wow the Soigne brand polish looks stunning, definitely lemming after that now! ;)

    Aysh xox