Monday, 2 February 2015

Barry M Gelly Lips - Orion and Sigma

A rare makeup post from me today to show you swatches of the two latest additions to Barry M's Gelly Lips range for SS15; Orion* and Sigma*.

A picture of Barry M Gelly Lips 2015 - Orion and Sigma

A lovely nude shade that smells of toffee!

Peachy coral. I can't smell anything with this one but my sister thinks its smells slightly sweet.

A picture of Barry M Gelly Lips 2015 - Orion and Sigma

I love Orion! I very rarely wear anything on my lips, mainly because I'm scared of the colour standing out too much, but I think Orion is just right for me. The toffee scent is amazing too! 

At first I thought Sigma wouldn't suit me but in the picture above I have put on a thin layer so it's not as bright and I think it looks quite nice. You can build it up to make it brighter but I'm not brave enough to wear something so bold!

They applied so easily, I love the glossy finish, and they are very pigmented (even with just a thin layer as shown in my pictures). My favourite thing about them is that they don't feel sticky like a lip gloss. You will need to reapply them throughout the day though as they aren't very long lasting. Overall it's a thumbs up from me!

Orion and Sigma will be available to buy in Superdrug from 11th February and Boots from 18th February, priced at £4.99 each.

What do you think of Orion and Sigma then? Have you got a favourite from the rest of the Gelly Lips range? Leave me a comment below!


I hope you like my swatches and review! As I'm not used to doing makeup posts I get worried that they're a bit rubbish, or people will get annoyed as this is mainly a nail blog. I like to do lipstick swatches on my lips because it gives you a proper idea of what the product looks like, I mean the skin on your lips is a different colour and texture to the skin on your arm for example. But most bloggers do it either on their arms or on paper and I'm wondering which way people prefer to see swatches - please let me know! Anyway, let me know what you think of these posts, would you like me to continue doing them occasionally or should I just stick to nails?



  1. Love Orion! I really like these kinds of lip products that you can reapply easily without worrying about having perfect lips or looking in a proper mirror. Personally I like to see pictures of lip colours on lips, I think it's a lot more helpful than a swatch on the arm xx

  2. Me too :)

    Thanks for your feedback and thank you so much for all the comments you leave on my blog, I really appreciate them :) xx

    1. Your welcome :) I love reading your blog x

  3. I'm more than happy for you to do makeup posts hun and you can do them as often as you want to! I do like lip swatches so if that's how you want to do them then carry on. I would love to be able to do lip swatches myself but I suffer with a lot of scaring on my chin (which I don't really want my poor readers having to see close up!) and my camera won't always focus very well on close up face shots x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback :)

  4. I love your lip swatch! They look great, especially the Orion. :)
    I wonder how to get more product from this Gelly Lips, do you need to sharpen it or just twist?

    Thanks! xx