Saturday, 28 February 2015

Nail Polish of the Month - February

Last month I introduced a new series to my blog called 'Nail Polish of the Month' in which I share with you the nail polish I have been loving most that month (check out January's pick). When we go shopping and decide to treat ourselves to 'just one polish' (well sometimes a couple more might fall into our baskets but who's counting?!), it can be a tough choice when there's so many to choose from! So I made this series in hope that it will make your decision that little bit easier when it comes to buying new polishes.

Yes, the name 'Nail Polish of the Month' is very boring but unfortunately I haven't thought of anything catchy yet so please give some suggestions!

So, my nail polish of February you ask? It was a tough decision because this month we saw looooads of new releases from Barry M, O.P.I, Models Own. And not only that, it's getting towards Spring which means PASTELS, and I love pastels! Anyway, my favourite polish of February...

Nella Milano - Periwinkle Pucker
This dusty blue shade is a great winter-spring transitional shade and is very fashionable at the moment. You can see my swatches and review of it here.

As I said earlier, it was a tough decision this month, so I wanted to give a special mention to a couple of polishes that came very close...

  • Rio Gel - Catwalk Red (post coming soon)

So, what do you think of Nella Milano's Periwinkle Pucker? What's your current favourite nail polish? Are you enjoying this blog series so far?! So many questions to be answered! Leave me a comment below!

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