Saturday, 14 March 2015

Rio Beauty - Fabulous Nails LED Gel Polish Starter Kit* - Review


I was sent an LED Gel Nails kit* from Rio Beauty and I was so excited because I had been thinking about getting a Gel nails kit for a while, I just didn't know which brand to go for. The kit contains everything you need to get long-lasting, salon style nails quickly and easily at home.

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails
Contains LED lamp, 1 x Catwalk Red gel polish, 1 x Base and Top Coat, a sanding block, orange sticks,
lint free wipes, finishing wipe. Additional gel colours can be bought separately. 

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails

The kit comes with one polish, Catwalk Red, plus the Base and Top coat, you get 10 applications from these. Some new shades have recently been added to the website which you can buy separately; Confetti Shimmer*, Pearlescent Nude*, Lavender Fizz*, and Violet Fizz*.

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails
Left: Lavender Fizz (top), Violet Fizz (bottom)
Top (L-R): Violet Fizz, Pearlescent Nude, 1 coat of Confetti Shimmer over Pearlescent Nude
Bottom (L-R): Catwalk Red, 1 coat of Confetti Shimmer over Catwalk Red, Lavender Fizz

My favourites are Catwalk Red and Lavender Fizz.

Easy to use?
A lot easier than I expected it to be! The instructions are clear with helpful tips. It's fairly quick too; 10 nails takes me about 25 minutes to do. Each layer of polish needs just 60 seconds under the lamp to cure it. Using the finishing wipe to wipe away the tacky layer at the end reveals an unbelievably shiny finish (make sure you don't miss this step - I did the first time round and wondered why the polish wouldn't dry!).

How long do the nails last?
The kit says 1-2 weeks wear time. On my fingernails I got one weeks wear before chips started to appear on my thumbs. My mum found that hers lasted the same amount of time (I did a set for her, I'll show you them later on in the post). However, on my toes they lasted about 4 weeks before I decided I should remove them, they probably could have gone on for another couple of weeks but it's best to let your nails breathe. Although they began to chip, they stayed incredibly shiny and professional looking the whole time.

How well you prepare the nail beforehand will have an effect on the wear time, so be sure to buff and cleanse them properly before applying the gel (buffer and finishing wipe (cleanser) are provided). The instructions tell you all about the preparation and how to apply them. 

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails

Over the past 4 weeks I have been wearing Catwalk Red on my toe nails and I absolute love it! I like having red toe nails but what makes Catwalk Red stand out from a normal red polish is that it stays super shiny for weeks and weeks and the colour is so intense! Here it is on my fingernails...

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Catwalk Red

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Catwalk Red

Here's a quick picture I uploaded to Instagram in which I said 'I think I have the shiniest nails in the world right now!' - I couldn't stop staring at them!

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Catwalk Red

Violet Fizz & Lavender Fizz
I really like these glitters. Now that I've removed Catwalk Red from my toes I'm going to put Lavender Fizz on them for a bit. I'm wearing three coats of each in the picture below, maybe Violet Fizz would have benefited from another coat for a completely opaque coverage.

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Violet Fizz and Catwalk Fizz
Violet Fizz (left) and Lavender Fizz (right)

Confetti Shimmer
My sister chose Confetti Shimmer for her toes. It looked so pretty! I found that the glitter wasn't very dense in the polish though so I needed to use a lot of layers. I think it works better as a glitter top coat instead as you saw at the beginning of the post. Sorry for the bad picture!

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Confetti Shimmer

Pearlescent Nude
I tried to do a French manicure on my mum's nails using Pearlescent Nude for the tips and a couple of layers of Base and Top Coat over the rest of the nail. We both loved the fresh, glossy look of it. Next time I do it she wants me to try and jazz it up a bit with some red detailing! Again, sorry for the bad picture!

A picture of Rio LED Gel Nails - Pearlescent Nude

It's a bit of a pain to be honest. The best way to do it is to use the tinfoil method (Google it for more details), but basically you soak some cotton pads in acetone, place them on your nails then wrap tinfoil round them to keep the foil in place. Leave them on for 15-20 mins. Never just peel the gel off! My nails weren't too happy after I removed the gel polish and they needed a good few days of rest to get the moisture back into them. For me this is the only downside of gel nails.

I think this is a great little kit, I love being able to get professional looking, long-lasting nails so easily at home. It's fairly expensive at £69.99 but when you take into account the ease of use, how quick it is to do, and the price, it's much more time and cost effective than going to the salon to get it done. 

Let me know what you think of Rio's LED Gel Nails kit. Have you thought about doing your own gel nails at home? Leave me a comment :)

Rio's LED Gel Nails kit is available on the Rio Beauty website for £69.99. The individual colour polishes are priced at £14.99 and additional bottles of Base and Top Coat are £12.99.

*Sample - provided for review


  1. Although I don't tend to leave one colour on my nails for very long I would love to be able to use one of these sets for when I do want my nail varnish to last. Unfortunately last year I went for my first gel manicure and when it came to removing it I discovered I couldn't soak it off. I did the foil method but once I'd wrapped all my fingers and sat back to let it work I realised my skin was starting to burn. So as much as I didn't want to I had to peel/pick/scrape it off my nails :(

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  2. This little set looks perfect for someone who likes to leave one colour on their nails for a little while. I'm like Becky - I change mine too often but it would be perfect if i'm going on holiday or camping!

    It would be great if they provided a good remover that was easy to use so that it was a complete package.

    I love the way you've tested it on a few people, I bet they were very pleased to have their nails done for them. :)

    Fab post Lauren!! x

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  5. Anyone know what watt the led lamp is or what is the lamp like. Is it strong