Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Barry M Sunset - Daylight Curing Nail Paints - Swatches & Review*

UPDATE - Wear time (with pictures) and more info at the bottom of the post.


Today I've got swatches of Barry M's new Sunset collection. These 'daylight curing' polishes provide a long-lasting, professional looking mani without the need for UV lamps or an expensive trip to the salon.

A picture of Barry M Sunset Nail Paints

There are currently seven shades in the collection plus the Daylight Curing Topcoat. There's no need for a base coat, the polish is formulated to bond to the nail like a gel, just paint two coats of polish and finish it off with the Daylight Curing Topcoat. UV in the daylight around us quickly sets and cures the polish to give super shiny and resilient nails with up to ten days wear.

So, the swatches!
I'm sorry about my pictures, I'm really disappointed with how they came out. I want to redo them but I'm very busy with university and my dissertation at the moment so I'll have to wait until I'm finished until I can let myself do them all again.

Peach For The Stars*
3 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
This is one of my favourites in the collection (although this picture is awful and really doesn't do it justice)! I know I'll be wearing this plenty though summer, especially on my toes.

A picture of Barry M's Peach For The Stars Sunset

The Way You Make Me Teal*
2 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
Another favourite! It's so pigmented and bold. 

A picture of Barry M The Way You Make Me Feel Sunset

I've Been Pinkin'*
2 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
A bright Barbie pink that you'll definitely be needing for Festival season! The formula of this one is fantastic, I'll talk more about the formulas later in the post though.

A picture of Barry M I've Been Pinkin Sunset

Can't Get You Out Of My Red*
2 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
The formula of this polish seems different to the others and applied more like the Gelly polishes. I don't usually wear red polish, but I do like the glossy finish and 'plumpness' of this one.

A picture of Barry M Can't Get You Out Of My Red Sunset

You Drive Me Navy*
2 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
How shiny?!?! You can actually see me very clearly in the reflection on my little finger. This is another favourite of mine. I've just realised I've now got three favourites in the collection - ahh! Anyway, the formula was brilliant again; you could get away with one coat opacity-wise, but I like to add an extra layer anyway because it makes the finish look more plump and gel-like.

A picture of Barry M You Drive Me Navy Sunset

Do It Like A Nude*
4 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
Off-white. I'm not too keen on this one, the formula was thin meaning I needed four coats rather than two, and the colour doesn't really excite me. From what I've seen on social media though, this seems to be one of the more popular ones in the collection.

A picture of Barry M Do It Like A Nude Sunset

Fuchsia Generation*
2 coats plus Sunset Topcoat
I like this one a lot more than I first thought I would. I found the colour difficult to capture, it's slightly darker, more of a raspberry shade, than shown here. Again, super shiny!

A picture of Barry M Fuchsia Generation Sunset

I'll admit, when I first saw the collection I wasn't overly excited, which is very unlike me. Now that I've tried them, however, I love them! My favourite thing about them is how fast they dry, Barry M recommend 2 minutes between each coat but I found that they dried much quicker than this. The glossy finish is also a huge plus; the finish looks and feels professional. The formulas are fantastic apart from the one I mentioned in the swatch section. They apply so smoothly, I was very impressed! The flat brush also gets a massive thumbs up from me! This brush was first introduced in the Speedy Nail Paint collection, for me it makes nail painting effortless because it applies neat, even, and you get the perfect amount of polish on the brush. I was so happy when I found the flat brush in the Sunset collection!

At the moment the colour range isn't anything to shout about but I've got my fingers crossed for more shades to be added in the future. A mint green would be perfect Barry M - pretty pleeeease!

Sunset Topcoat. Flat brush.

Wear Time
These aim to give up to ten days wear so tonight I'm going to apply The Way You Make Me Teal (or Peach for The Stars, I can't decide!) and will update with pictures every few days to let you know when it's starts chipping, fading, does it stain, etc. I'm also going to ask my mum to try them out; nail polish chips and peels so quickly for her so I'm interested to see how long these will last on her nails!

My Favourite?
Oh this is difficult. I've actually got 3 favourites; Peach For The Stars, The Way You Make Me Teal, and You Drive Me Navy. 

  • Peach For The Stars is an essential summer colour so I think you need to pop it in your basket.
  • The Way You Make Me Teal is so bold and beautiful and will look great all year round, so I'd also recommend that one. 
  • You Drive Me Navy I like this more for the unbelievably glossy finish.

The Sunset Nail Paints are available to buy now from Superdrug and Boots priced at £4.99 each. You'll also need to purchase the Sunset Topcoat for the colours to work (also priced at £4.99).

Overall, I am very impressed with this collection and can't wait to see if more colours will be added. I thought the Gellys were unbeatable but the convenience and overall finish of the Sunset polishes might be enough to prove me wrong! Once I've tested the wear time etc I'll have a better idea. Make sure you keep checking back for updates!

What do you think of the Sunset collection? Do you have a favourite shade? What colours would you like to see be added? Leave me a comment below!

As promised I have tested out the wear time of one of the Sunset polishes and have included some pictures. I wore 'The Way You Make Me Teal' for 10 days and was so impressed with not only how long it lasted, but how nice it still looked during the last couple of days.

I didn't wear a base coat, as recommended, because the polish bonds to your nail like a gel, then applied 3 coats of polish. In my swatch at the start of the past I only wore 2 coats, but I find that adding that extra coat makes them more plump and gel-like. I then finished it off with one coat of the Sunset Top Coat, and sat with my hands in the sun for 2 minutes. I made sure every layer was completely dry before applying the next, but as I said in my review above this only takes about 1 minute for each layer!

I forgot to take a picture straight after applying it (duh!), but after 1 day you can see it is unbelievably shiny and looks very professional. After 5 days I got a bit of tip wear on two of my nails. From this point onwards I noticed that the gloss was fading, up until day 9 when it really didn't have much shine left at all. After 8 days wear you can see that I had tip wear on all nails. On day 10 I got a chip on my index finger, as pictured, but later that night I got a chip on my middle finger too. When it came to removing them I was terrified that they would have stained because I wasn't wearing a base coat, but too my relief there was no staining and my nails look nice and healthy. The polish was very easy to remove with normal nail polish remover too.

I know people have had mixed experiences with these polishes, but I'm very impressed and could not recommend them more. To the people that are finding they don't last, make sure you're not wearing a base coat, and ensure every layer is dry before applying the next. I know they cure in artificial light as well as in sun light, but maybe this could have an effect on the wear time too?

I think I've covered everything. Sorry it was a bit waffly - I wanted to give as much info as possible! If you've got any questions, just ask :)

*Sample - provided for swatch & review


  1. Do you think these would be any good on toes as I've been looking for a long lasting polish for my toes? Also does the topcoat work with normal polish? Lovely swatches and I hope they add a more blue toned purple! xx

    1. Yeah I'm sure they'll be great on toes :) I'm going to put Peach For The Stars on mine over the next couple of days. As far as I'm aware it doesn't work with normal polish but when I get chance I'll give it a go :) x

  2. I love this collection but i cant use all my money on nail polish haha =] but barry m is the best polish i think, for the price anyway. I've always liked the way there polishes have gone on.

    1. Haha I know the feeling! Yeah definitely good value for money :) x

  3. I am not sure about this collection, but only because I don't tend to wear any colour for that long. The gloss is amazing though. I agree that the colours aren't very exciting at the moment, but there's so much scope to bring out others. Great swatches as usual - not sure why you dislike your pictures, they're great! I think your writing style has really evolved recently and I love reading your blog x

    1. I don't tend to wear one colour for long either, but when I go on holiday, or if I have exams/coursework and don't have time to be doing my nails, I like a polish that is going to last a long time and look good for the duration. These will be great for that!

      Thank you so much, that's great to hear, I'm always trying to improve my writing so I'm glad it's finally working :D x

  4. I have to admit that when I first saw the images for these I wasn't particularly excited by them either but now I've seen your swatches I actually do like some of the shades. I don't like blue nail varnish at all but strangely The way you make me teal appeals to me and I also like the look of I've been pinkin and Fuchsia generation (I have to keep scrolling back up to check the names!) x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Blue is my favourite colour to wear on my nails so when I saw the pictures I thought The Way You Make Me Teal would be a favourite of mine. Haha! How cool are the names though? I keep getting the songs stuck in my head! x

  5. This collection is just dreamy!

  6. Oh my gosh that navy! i actually did a proper double-take at that one when I was scrolling through your post because it's insanely shiny - it looks like a freshly waxed BMW haha!
    Your swatches look gorgeous in the sunshine, I seriously want all these colours now even though I was completely not interested in them initially. I guess these aren't really aimed at someone like me who likes to change their polish very frequently but I think they'll be perfect to try on my mum who can't make a manicure survive a day. Look forward to seeing your progress pics :)

    Amy | Hair • Nails • Etc

    1. Haha! Yeah it is very shiny! I like to change my polish a lot too but these have been great for me to wear recently while I've been to busy with exams and my dissertation to be doing nails!

  7. Lovely post. I am definitely gonna give these ago. The colours are so pretty.


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