Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Helmies Nail Helmets - Prevent Chips & Smudges


I've got a very interesting and unique product to show you today. helmies nail helmets* help to prevent smudges, chips, and dents while you're waiting for your nails dry, meaning you can carry on with your day without the worry of ruining your brand new mani whether it was done at home or in a salon.

The helmets are made from a lightweight hypoallergenic silicone gel, they have air holes to help varnish to set, and an open underside allowing you to still use your phone, do your makeup, get dressed, etc. Genius!

helmies can be used once your nails are touch dry (about 15 minutes after painting them) and protect them while they are setting and still prone to smudges and dents. I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry and often end up ruining them by trying to do things before they've properly set. It's usually doing up buttons, typing on my laptop, and playing on my phone that do it, or prints off my clothes or pillow - grrr! They're not just for drying nails though, say if you are doing something that might chip your nails, the first thing that has popped into my head is peeling wall paper (I've been helping my parents decorate their new house!), then helmies help to protect your mani from chips in this way too.

I think the idea is fantastic and I can confirm after trying them out quite a few times that they certainly work. My nails were smudge and dent free plus I didn't feel restricted in what I could do. Some things I've done whilst wearing helmies: get dressed, brush my teeth, type on my phone and laptop, and brush my hair. You do need to make sure you wait until your nails are touch dry though, if they're still wet you might get smudges at the tip of each nail.

My only problem with them is that they're too big for my ring finger and middle finger so these ones fling off while I'm doing things. You get two smaller helmets for your little fingers that fit me perfectly, but I think there could do with being a couple of smaller ones in each pack, or packs could come in different size options.

Overall I think helmies are great and I'd definitely recommend them, even more so if different size options were to be introduced in the future. I'll admit that I was a little apprehensive to begin with, but after a few uses they have proved themselves to be handy little tools that I'm going to get a lot of use out of.

helmies nail helmets are available to buy now from the helmies website priced at £7.99 which I think is a very reasonable price. In the pack you get 10 finger helmies and 2 big toe helmies (a pedi pack will be coming soon!). helmies nail helmets are patent pending - they're completely unique!

So, what do you think of helmies? Can you see yourself investing in some? Let me know!



  1. These are such a good idea, i wait hours on end to do nothing so i dont smudge my nails. Defo a must have =]


    1. They really are! They're so helpful, I hate waiting for my nails to fully dry x

  2. What an interesting and useful product! Great presentation and review!