Thursday, 11 June 2015

SEVENTEEN Gel Colour - Swatches


I'm really excited about todays post featuring SEVENTEEN, a brand that aren't usually known as one of your typical nail polish brands. However the polishes are incredible and, in my eyes, deserve a lot more recognition!

Fifteen new shades have been added to SEVENTEEN's Gel Colour range; these polishes aim to give a gel-like finish with high shine and up to eight days wear. I have four of them to show you today and, for summer, these shades are spot-on. 

Middle (L-R): Mint Cooler*, White Lady*, Lemon Drop*, Summer Sling*.

 I love these new shades, they have me thinking of ice cream and beaches!

Mint Cooler
3 coats, no top coat
A beautiful mint green that will look great on all skin tones. I'm a big fan of mint green shades! Mint Cooler with some thin white stripes is going to make for some simple, delicate, and summer-ready nail art. Two coats are recommended but I added a third to even out a couple of streaks, I think Mint Cooler has the thinnest formula of the four shades.

White Lady
2 coats, no top coat
Amazing! Move over Sinful Colors 'Snow Me White', this is my new favourite white polish! Two coats gave a smooth and even finish which is very rare with white polishes. It's a proper white too; no hints of cream about it. I have to be feeling brave to wear white polish on its own as it makes quite a statement; I prefer to add a bit of colour to it with some nail art as you'll see at the end of this post.

Lemon Drop

2 coats, no top coat
Yellow is another colour I feel nervous about wearing on its own, I'm not sure why! Yellow nails are very much on-trend right now so I'm going to be bold and make sure I wear it a lot this summer. The formula was nice and smooth, very similar to White Lady, requiring only two coats for an even finish.

Summer Sling

3 coats, no top coat
Another very fashionable shade right now - I love it! The formula was similar to Mint Cooler, being slightly thinner meant I needed three coats rather than two to even out a few patches here and there.


I was so impressed with the quality of these polishes! I'm not sure why I hadn't heard anything about SEVENTEEN's Gel Colour range before to be honest - they're brilliant. The formulas are smooth and creamy, and with the wide brush they apply quickly, easily, and neatly. Drying time was very good considering they are gel-effect polishes so are generally thicker than a 'normal' polish. The finish is lovely but isn't as gel-like as I was expecting so I'd probably add a topcoat to plump it up a bit. I haven't tested out the 8 day wear-time yet (I've got a load of swatches to do so don't have time to leave one polish on for such a long time at the moment - sorry!) but I will update you when I have and include some pictures from over the 8 days. 

Priced at £3.99 each they are fantastic value for money and I can't recommend them enough.

Nail Art

Here's a sneaky peak at some nail art I did with these colours - I think they go together perfectly. I'm doing a separate post for it which will be up tomorrow so check back then for all the details and more pictures :)

UPDATE - the nail art post is now up! You can read it here.

These new SEVENTEEN Gel Colour nail polish shades are available to buy now from Boots priced at £3.99 each. 

Have you tried SEVENTEEN's Gel Colours before? Let me know your favourite shade - I want to add more to my collection!



  1. These are blooming gorgeous! I have never seen them before either!

    Stephanie xxx

    1. I can't believe I hadn't seen them before. I'm really in love with them. I need to get down to Boots for some more!

  2. I love these colours =] defo need them haha

  3. I love the look of Mint Cooler. I really haven't been a mint blue fan in the past but I used one for some nail art recently and fell in love with the shade on my nails.

    I've recently found my new favourite white shade but unfortunately it's an OPI *cries*. Luckily though I picked it up in TK Maxx and I find OPI nail varnishes seem to last forever x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I think it's a colour that suits everyone. Oh no! OPIs are great if you can find them cheaper somewhere, I can't afford them at full price! x

  4. These look gorgeous!Do they dry naturally like normal nail varnish or do you need a lamp?