Friday, 26 June 2015

Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

I do a 'Top 5 Nail Polishes' with every change of season and they are my absolute favourite posts! I always find it so difficult to narrow down my collection though. I remember in my Spring post I said that Spring was the hardest to narrow down but no, it's definitely Summer! I knew all along I'd never be able to agree on just 5 polishes but I did manage to narrow it down to 10. I thought 10 was too many though considering this post is supposed to help you decide what colours you need to drop in your shopping basket and pack in your suitcase. With this in mind I asked my lovely followers on Instagram and Twitter to help me narrow my 10 down to just 5. So a big big thank you to those that voted - you helped make this post!

A picture of the best summer nail polishes

Anyway, enough waffle. These were the 10 that I chose, I then left it up to you lot to pick your 5 favourites and I counted up the votes.

1) Revlon 'Lady Luck' -- 2) Morgan Taylor 'Varisty Jacket Blues' -- 3) Revlon 'Buttercup'
-- 4) Barry M 'Get Set Go' -- 5) SEVENTEEN 'Mint Cooler' -- 6) Barry M 'Need For Speed' --
7) Essie 'muchi, muchi' -- 8) OPI 'This Color's Making Waves' --
9) Models Own ' Beach Bag' -- 10) Revlon 'Pocket Aces'

And the Top 5 as voted by you...

I've included links to each of the polishes so you can read my reviews and find out prices, where to buy, etc. If you have any other questions about them then just ask!

5) Revlon - Buttercup

Usually yellows are a bit hit and miss but pale yellow shades like Buttercup are very 'in' right now. You can read more about Buttercup in one of my previous blog posts (here!).

A picture of Revlon Buttercup

4) Barry M - Need For Speed
Bright purples like 'Need For Speed' are also very popular this season! I've been wearing this one quite a lot recently. You can read my review of Need For Speed here.

a picture of Barry M Need For Speed

3) Barry M - Get Set Go
Another from Barry M's Speedy Nail Paint range! Again, you can read more about Get Set Go here.

A picture of Barry M Get Set Go

2) SEVENTEEN - Mint Cooler
This is one of my current favourites, plus who doesn't love a mint green?! It suits all skin tones too which is an added bonus. You can read my review here.

A picture of SEVENTEEN Mint Cooler

1) Morgan Taylor - Varsity Jacket Blues
My first Morgan Taylor polish. I've only had it a week or two but I've fallen in love with it. It seems that you lot love it too because it was the most voted for! Two posts featuring this polish will be coming soon (30th June and 6th July to be precise!) so I don't have a review for you just yet, but it is available to buy here if you wish!

A picture of Morgan Taylor Varsity Jacket Blues

I must admit, I was really disappointed that Models Own Beach Bag (number 9 in the second picture) didn't make it into the Top 5, that's one of my all time favourites!

I hope this post has helped you pick some polishes to update your collection for summer. Do you have a favourite? I'd love to have a read of your summer nail polish picks so leave me links if you've done a post, or just let me know what your go-to summer polish is in the comments below!

A picture of best summer nail polishes


  1. I love every colour, such pretty colours for summer =]