Friday, 10 July 2015


Our nails gather a lot of dirt and make a great place for bacteria to multiply and spread. If you're like me and have your nails painted the majority of the time it's easy for us to miss the build up of dirt under our nails, but just because we can't see it it, it doesn't mean it's not there! Today I've got a review of BruzZ*, a nail brush designed to make nail cleaning quicker, more effective, comfortable, and very hygienic.

What I like most about BruzZ is that it was designed by a beauty therapist who found the need for a more developed and more hygienic nail brush to use on both herself and her clients. 

I think the main selling point of Bruzz is how hygienic it is; the antibacterial bristles are made of rubber making them easy to clean and fully sanitisable. The fact that the bristles can be removed also helps with this. The brush cleans the top, tip, and underside of your nails in one action and is suitable for both natural and artificial nails. The round design also means spray is limited. The bristles are much more gentle compared to those of regular nail brushes so I don't feel like my cuticles and fingertips are being ripped to pieces! The one thing I don't like is the vanilla scent - I'm really not keen on the smell of vanilla.

You can use BruzZ wet or dry but I like to run it under water it, pump some hand soap into the middle of the brush, and then have a good scrub without soapy water dripping and spraying everywhere. The design and shape of the brush also mean I don't drop it when it's wet!

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Trying BruzZ has made me realise that I don't keep my nails as clean as I should be doing; it's so easy to forget about it when your nails are always painted. I do own a traditional nail brush but it rarely gets used because it hurts my skin, plus there's mould on the wooden handle which is gross and really puts me off. I should probably throw it out come to think of it. The softer bristles and how hygienic BruzZ is has encouraged me to make more of an effort with keeping my nails clean. Overall I think it is a great product that I would recommend, especially to any of my readers that are nail technicians or to those in jobs that require clean and presentable hands and nails.

If you would like to find out more about BruzZ then you can do on You can buy BruzZ now from Boots and Amazon (RRP £9.99).

*Sample - provided for review

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