Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Birchbox - August 2015 - #BeautyJunkie

The #BeautyJunkie Birchbox* could not have come at a better time for me. After spending three rather sweaty weeks in Thailand I was in need of a good pamper, so when I got home from the airport to find a surprise Birchbox waiting for me I was very happy indeed!

SPOILERS! If you haven't received your August Birchbox yet or want to keep the contents a surprise then don't scroll any further....

This month's box is really cute - it's got little Birchbox emojis over the lid and the base is mint green which, as sad as it is, made me happy. I like to re-use my Birchboxes to store things in and the mint green box is going to look beautiful on my shelves. 

Anyway, inside the box is a range of makeup, hair, and body products. This month everyone receives two makeup samples which is great because the makeup samples are my favourite! Everyone's box will be slightly different as Birchbox send you products related to your Beauty Profile (you create it when you sign up), but here's what I got in my box...

Rituals - Ayurveda Scrub
Sample size - 70 mL
As soon as I opened my box I could smell something incredible and it was this. I didn't want to use it just yet as I thought it might scrub off my basically non-existent tan (I had to wear baby suncream which was SPF 50+ on holiday because of my eczema!), but I tried just a little bit on my shoulders. It works really well considering I only used a small amount. It smells so good and the scent lingers on the skin for a few hours. This is something I'd definitely consider buying in full size.

theBalm - Balm Desert Bronzer
Sample size - 0.8 g
I've read plenty about theBalm recently but I haven't tried any of their products. This is what I love about beauty boxes - being introduced to new brands. I found that a little goes a long way but that might just be me, I'm always nervous when applying bronzer incase I over-do it!

Lord & Berry - Blush in 'Lotus'
Sample size - 2 g
My favourite bronzer is a Lord & Berry one (I use the shade Sienna) so I was excited to find another one of their products in my box. I was actually introduced to the bronzer in one of my previous Birchboxes and I bought it in full size from the Birchbox shop with my points. 'Lotus' is a bit darker than I would usually choose for myself but it does suit me which is good. You only need the tiniest amount on your brush - the first time I tried it I ended up with a massive pink streak across my face because I didn't realise how easily my brush had picked the blush up!

Kebelo - Clarifying Shampoo
Sample size - 50 mL
After three weeks in Thailand my hair was full of all sorts of gross stuff; anti-frizz serum, heat protection sprays, suncream... and it just looked greasy and flat. So, at risk of repeating myself, this box came at the perfect time for me. I gave it a go as soon as I got home and my hair feels a lot lighter and sort of fluffy now. It doesn't seem to have a scent but considering this is something I'd only need to use maybe once a month it doesn't bother me.

Huygens - Exfoliating Cream
Sample size - 10 mL
I love this! It smells amazing and even though it's a scrub it's so creamy. It's really gentle because it uses rice powder particles. This is another product that I'd definitely look into buying in full-size, the only thing that's putting me off is the price (£17.90!).

Illamasqua - Hydra Veil
Sample size - 3 mL
I've heard great things about this product. It's supposed to re-hydrate and smooth your skin to give you a radiant complexion before you apply your makeup. I haven't tried it yet because I haven't worn any makeup since I've been home but when I do try it I'll update this section of the post. 

I'm really happy with this month's box. I had to unsubscribe from Birchbox a few months ago because I have no money whatsoever at the moment, and this box has made me really miss it! I found with some boxes that I didn't feel I was getting my moneys worth but I think this one is good value for money when you consider the very generous sample sizes (excluding theBalm bronzer which is tiny!).

The August #BeautyJunkie Birchbox is available to buy now from the Birchbox website priced at £10 (plus £2.95 shipping).



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