Saturday, 29 August 2015

Nail Polish of the Month - August

My Nail Polish of the Month for August is from a brand I hadn't tried before now but is a firm favourite among beauty bloggers. Every month I have picked a colour as my Nail Polish of the Month, but this month I have picked a nail effect top coat that I've been using a lot recently to refresh a plain mani as I've become bored of it, especially on holiday when I wasn't doing a new mani as often as I usually would at home.

My Nail Polish of the Month for August is...

MAC Studio - Liquid Pigment Top Coat in Green Pearl
I absolutely love the shimmery pearlescent effect this top coat gives. There are three colour variations; green, pink, and gold. I've shown it over quite a few different colours so you can see how much life it brings to each mani (the left nail shows two coats of top coat over a plain colour, the right nail has no top coat). It's so beautiful, especially when the sun catches it.

Excuse the mess...

Which is your favourite combination? 

At £10 it's slightly more than I'm comfortable paying for a nail polish. I prefer high street brands for makeup, mainly because of the price, so I've never actually tried anything from MAC before now. I hadn't seen any other top coat like this though so I had to get it. So far I've used it a lot more than I thought I would and I'm still having fun trying it over different nail polishes to see which makes the prettiest combo! 

It's a huge thumbs up from me. It's definitely something to add to your wishlist.

The Liquid Pigment top coats are available from MAC priced at £10 each.

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  1. Wow stunning =]

  2. Oh what an interesting top coat. I think I'd probably like this in gold, that would create a very pretty effect. I haven't tried a MAC nail varnish so far. I did have one that I won as part of a blog giveaway prize but it was Morange and I'm really not keen on orange nail shades so I gave it away to my mum x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty