Thursday, 20 August 2015

WAH London - Immerge - Review

This summer WAH London brought us WAH Immerge; highly pigmented jelly polishes that use 'patented ombré transformation technology' to blend and merge, creating tie dye patterns and gradient effects inspired by the psychedelic '60's.

There are two kits available; The Lava Set that gives a tie dye and sort of lava lamp effect, and The Flame Set that gives a more subtle red gradient look. Today I'm showing you The Lava Set!

The Lava Set - White Base, Yellow Polish, Red Polish.

I expected it to be one of those things that looks easy to do in the tutorials but when you try it out yourself you end up with a completely different result. That's kind of true! My first attempt didn't go well at all; I think I was putting too much pink on top of the yellow. This meant I didn't get the tie dye effect but more of a messy ombré. On my second go I got the result you see in my pictures. It's better but still doesn't look as blended as it does in the pictures on the box. It does work because I've seen pictures of the manicures the WAH girls have done on people. Hopefully I'll get there with more practice. The few reviews I've read on the Boots website give 5 stars and say how easy it is. It is easy to do in terms of you don't need any extra tools, just your three polishes and a few twists of the brush, but I found the blending to make patterns trickier than I expected. 

Here's a little video on how I applied the polishes. I must admit that I've put too much pink on the nail here...

I found the tie dye effect a bit tricky, so I gave a gradient a go and found it so much easier. I think it's because there is more space to twist the brush around, making blending easier. I'm really pleased with it!

Again, here's a little video... 

At a distance the tie dye effect looks amazing, up close it's a little messy! I think this is something you need a couple of goes of to perfect so I will be trying it again and will keep you updated on how I get on. The gradient effect is stunning and so much easier to do than the usual sponge method for creating gradients. The  pinky-red and yellow polishes are great - they are very pigmented and dry to give a high-gloss finish. The white base is a bit streaky but dries quickly.

In my opinion, it's expensive at £18. Call me cheap but I'd never usually pay that much for beauty products. Luckily I had saved up quite a few Boots points so bought it with them. WAH polishes are usually £9 each, so you're getting 3 for 2 in this set. Is it worth the price? For someone like me probably not; I have that many nail polishes and enjoy experimenting with different types of nail art that I'm not going to be using it often enough to get my money's worth. It is a fun effect and I do like it but I'll be waiting for the sales before I buy The Flame Set. As cool as the lava effect is, I think The Flame Set is much more wearable all year round.

You can read more about Immerge and find tutorials on the WAH London website.

The WAH London Immerge kits are available to buy from Boots priced at £18 each.

What do you think of Immerge? Is it something you'd consider buying? 

Music in videos - ZOE.LEELA - IAMARMX - from Free Music Archive.


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